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    Gustave Doré (Héliodore-Joseph Pisan), Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote [Edoardo Perino], c. 1868.

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  2. An awesome-possum Vivi and Quina Quen I ran into at Knightrokon this weekend.

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    The Functions of Different Pupil Shapes

    There are a lot of different pupil shapes among vertebrates (and some invertebrates, too).

    The eye itself is kind of a weird misshapen organ, particularly in land animals where it has had to compensate for, you know, the fact that it originally evolved in the water. Light passes differently through water than it does in air, not to mention that now we have to worry about our lenses- which have to be moist to properly function- drying out.

    But the focus (ha ha) today is on the pupil, the transparent bit inside the iris that allows light to enter the eye. Without it, our eyes would be functionless. With it, there are a whole bunch of different ways that animals can shape their vision- and their pupil- to their advantage.

    Of course, no two scientists seem to agree on exactly what these advantages are.

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    Controlled Chaos HK:

    A photo story by Jade Deakin.

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    modern day rebels

    This makes me happy

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    Maps and photographs tell stories in a similar way. By inference and analogy, they compel us to imagine new places, envision different ways of being, and render familiar realities in a new light. Map-making and photography also share a history as primarily tools of society’s upper class,…

  10. #graffiti #orlando #coffeeshop #ucf (at Natura Coffee And Tea)

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    Recent work by Lincoln Harrison

  12. Emerging artist Aldo Tolino's folded portrait
    Emerging artist Aldo Tolino's folded portrait
    Emerging artist Aldo Tolino's folded portrait
    Emerging artist Aldo Tolino's folded portrait
    Emerging artist Aldo Tolino's folded portrait
    Emerging artist Aldo Tolino's folded portrait


    Artist on Tumblr

    Aldo Tolino | ionoi on Tumblr (Australia)

    Aldo Tolino is an Austrian artist who invests himself on paper objects and sculptures, manufactured, folded and photographed by himself. The folding techniques vary and so do the photographs; this is what makes the work interesting, as there are infinite number of permutations that will work for this purpose. The redundancy of the project is much like a philosophical argument, one that loops around and is at some point, unanswerable. Tolino is currently working on a book project “Interferenz”, which evolves around the topics paper, folding, image, object, sculpture, texture and recursion. (src. Artist’s biography & Beautiful Decay)

    [more Aldo Tolino | artist found at darksilenceinsuburbia]

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    What if the voice inside your head is who you were in your past life


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    i would hire him for this flyer alone

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