1. Boy kiddoes, am I ever embarrassed! What’s a blog without content, right? I’ve been slacking: you know it (but you’re too polite to say anything; good for you!), I know it, and the tumbleweeds crashing through my dashboard know it, too.

    So for those of you out there in Internet-land, let me pose you a little question: What kind of content do you want to see from here on in? Fire stuff? Costumes? Sexy-time selfies of me with cats?

    Let me know! I’m headed down the rabbit hole to Afterburn this week and I’ll do my best to meet your requests. 

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    I’ve been wanting to do a shot like this for ages at the Old Main building on my campus, but I haven’t gotten permission...
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  11. vivid-but-trivial said: downton abbey dress up~ with coffee. ‘cause reasons (Btw so totally holding you accountable for the coffee bluff when I got the sd card out of jw’s cd slot) :D
  12. 5thblackhippy said: I want a picture of yourself spinning a prop ON FIYAH!! maybe eating a fire torch or holding a staff xD
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  15. bambamtoxic said: Lots of fire!!! Ur literally my favorite fire photographer!!!
  16. nyline said: nudes
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